Proudly designed in Ireland, Tide Official was born from a love for nature. My love for the sea grew when we went into the first lock down, the sea was one of the few things that didn't shut. A ritual trip to the water for free therapy quickly became routine. Swimming in cold water is exhilarating and instantly I was hooked. My vision was to design a robe that was functional and cosy but also stylish enough for everyday wear, and from that, Tide Official was born.

We are for the dunkers, dippers, triathletes, floaters, old schoolers, hardies, surfers, dog walkers, game goers, coffee grabbers and more. We are an Irish brand who are inspired from the elements and the ancient culture we are so lucky to have. 

We endeavour to make the best products, support the best experiences, deliver the best quality and style, communicate the best brand message and create an amazing community of people.

-Molly, Founder